Simple spot measurements.

Easy on your budget.

Mini POGO. Max value.

Patented sensor instantly measures moisture, EC (salinity) and canopy temperature.

Integrated Bluetooth wireless for easy hands-free operation with free smartphone app.

Extremely durable with an Industry-leading warranty.

About the same cost of a typical TDR probe, but with higher accuracy in all soil types without needing calibration.

POGO Mini Up Close

The height of the handle is adjustable for comfort when taking samples.

Integrated Bluetooth wireless radio lets you easily connect any Apple or Android device running the free app (see below).

Rechargeable battery provides a full day of intense use between charges. Standard USB-C port for charging means you can use any standard smartphone charger.

Consistent accuracy without the need to calibrate, ever. The durable sensor and marine-grade stainless steel probes are covered by an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty.

POGO mini is ideal for courses that already harness the cloud-based analysis and location-based data collection power of the POGO Pro+ and POGO Pro, but require additional sensors for spot measurements.

It has the same patented sensor as the POGO Pro+ and POGO Pro and the same 2-year limited warranty.

For about the same cost as a more fragile TDR probe that is highly sensitive to variations in temperature, EC and soil composition, you can get the high precision, durability and full graphical interface (via the free app) that comes with the POGO mini.