Simple spot measurements.

Easy on your budget.

Mini POGO. Max value.

Patented sensor instantly measures moisture, EC (salinity) and canopy temperature.

Integrated Bluetooth wireless for easy hands-free operation with free smartphone app.

Extremely durable with an Industry-leading warranty.

Less than the cost of a typical moisture-only sensor.

POGO mini Up Close


The height of the handle is adjustable for comfort when taking samples.


Integrated Bluetooth wireless radio lets you easily connect any Apple or Android device running the free app (see below).


Rechargeable battery provides a full day of intense use between charges.


Consistent accuracy without the need to calibrate, ever. The durable sensor and marine-grade stainless steel probes are covered by an industry- leading 2-year limited warranty.

POGO mini is ideal for courses that already harness the cloud-based analysis and location-based data collection power of the POGO Pro, but require additional sensors for spot measurements.

For less than the cost of a more fragile sensor that measures moisture only, the POGO mini can give you all 3 parameters critical to managing turf health while using less water and fertilizers.

It has the same patented sensor as the POGO Pro and the same 2-year limited warranty. And it never needs calibration, ever.

Why buy a moisture sensor when you can measure all 3 influential turf variables for less money?




Typical moisture sensor

POGO Pro &
POGO mini

POGO's 4 small (⅛" / 3.18mm diameter) probes leave turf virtually undisturbed.

mini vs. Pro

Feature POGO mini POGO Pro
Uses a patented sensor that features extreme durability and needs no calibration.
Measures moisture, EC and canopy temperature of the turf and soil.
Interact with the hardware via your wirelessly-connected Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and the included free app.
Rechargeable batteries provide a full day of heavy use on a single charge.
Logs captured data for later analysis and trend reporting.
Includes a pro-quality GPS to record precise location with every sample, permitting geospatial presentation of data (i.e. on a satellite map).
Syncs all data captured with powerful cloud-based analysis software, for detailed reports, analysis and prescriptions.