The best interface to the POGO is the one already in your pocket.

Sample & Log

Log 4 soil parameters (5 with POGO Pro+) and the precise location (within 1 m or 3 ft.) with every sample. Simply stick the POGO in the turf and tap the “Add Sample” button. Each new moisture, salinity (EC), salinity index and temperature sample is color-coded according to your customized optimal and warning ranges.

Pin Mapping

Use the GPS to find past pin locations, and set where you want today’s and future pin locations to be placed. Cross-reference against past and predicted moisture and EC data to ensure you’re selecting optimal locations.

Course Overview

Full satellite mapping functionality that you already know how to useโ€”pinch to zoom, drag to pan, etc. View the current moisture, EC, salinity index and temperature conditions for the entire course, then zoom in to the trouble spots.

Optimal turfgrass performance
requires optimal, timely decisions.

  • The free TurfPro Mobile app turns your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a data acquisition and logging system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the wirelessly-connected POGO.
  • The app displays real-time analytics and assessments of turf/soil moisture, salinity and temperature. This allows for timely reaction to conditions that could lead to costly problems.
  • Critical alerts advise you of conditions measured that require immediate attention while you are on the course.
  • Easily synchronize data with TurfPro Cloud and unleash unprecedented insight and analysis.
  • Data and configurations are shared with all other users on your team, allowing a property to be split between multiple people, yet ensuring standardized measurement.

POGO’s advanced algorithms compute the interpolated values on every inch of the zone and display it as a color-coded illustration we call Visual Insightโ„ข.

Only 9 to 12 samples (which takes under minutes) for a typical green are required.

Mapping with POGO

Use your POGO Pro or Pro+ to record the precise location of just about anything on your property. Create your own irrigation as-built diagrams, log IPM problem areas, map individual irrigation and drainage components.

  • Simply hold the POGO over the object (ex. valve, catchbasin, hydrant) or walk along the route of a linear feature line (drainage line, path, electrical line).
  • Show or hide any of these layers on the map.
  • To later find any objects hidden from view, walk with the POGO while viewing your live position on the map until it indicates you are over the object that was recorded.

As if your smartphone couldn't do enough already.

  • Log soil measurements with a wirelessly connected POGO
  • Log various specs like ball speed, firmness, slope or custom variables of your choice.
  • Log today’s and future pin locations.
  • Includes precise GPS location.
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  • View different analyses of your data before you leave the green.
  • Trend reports, turf performance indicator report, visual insight report and more are available right within the app.
  • Critical alerts notify you of developing conditions that, if treated now, can prevent problems occurring.
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  • Zones are any area that you wish to report on.
  • Zones like greens, fairways or sports fields are measured for moisture, EC and temperature.
  • Bunkers, ponds and roughs can be measured to determine the area.
  • Define zone shape and size by walking around the boundary with the POGO.
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  • Access the dashboard for your on-site POGO Weather station.
  • Combine Visual Insight with current and historical environmental influences for even better predictability of future turf problem conditions.
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Use POGO to map any virtually asset on your property, by recording the location of sprinklers, valves, catchbasins, etc.

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  • Satellite map of your property
  • View the POGO’s current position (within 1m/3ft)
  • Inspect the the current summary status of moisture, EC, salinity index, surface and soil temperature for every zone
  • See the location of all recorded property assets.
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  • Synchronize with TurfPro Cloud to share with other users on your team.
  • All collected data is uploaded, while all data changed by others is downloaded.
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  • Access various help resources right from within the app
    • Video tutorials
    • FAQs
    • Knowledge base
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User preferences

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  • Connect to your POGO or switch to a different one.
  • The badge shows the number of currently visible GPS satellites.
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Get the analysis you need to take action, while you're still on the green.

Mobile alerts formatted for mobile browsers and containing the key reports that you select, are available right on your smartphone with every upload of new data from the app to TurfPro Cloud. Reports like zone trends, Visual Insight, turf performance reports as well as critical alerts give you insight otherwise only possible using consultants, reports and research.

Analyze your courseโ€™s conditions while you are on the course, so you can make the very best decisions fast…and decisively.

Visual Insight Report

Turf Performance Indicator (TPI) Report

Trend Report

Critical Alerts

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