Optimal turfgrass performance requires optimal, timely decisions.


Each new moisture, salinity (EC), salinity index and temperature sample is color-coded and indicated on a bar meter to display where your conditions are in relation to your customized desired range.


Running average for the zone, with comparison to the last reading.


Capture measurements for every zone, multiple times per day if desired. Attach notes and photos to every measurement.


Tap to acquire a new measurement (this takes less than 1 second). The exact location, measured by POGO’s internal GPS receiver is recorded with every measurement.

The best interface to the POGO Pro is the one already in your pocket.

  • The free POGO Turf Pro app turns your Apple/Android smartphone or tablet into a data acquisition and logging system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the WiFi-connected POGO.
  • The app displays real-time analytics and assessments of turf/soil moisture, salinity and temperature. This allows for timely reaction to conditions that could lead to costly problems.
  • Critical alerts advise you of conditions measured that require immediate attention while you are on the course.
  • Easily upload data to POGO Turf Pro Cloud and unleash unprecedented insight and analysis (basic data can also be emailed as a .csv file if desired).
  • Data and configurations are shared with all other users, allowing a property to be split between multiple people, yet ensuring standardized measurement.


POGO App Overview

A brief overview of the smartphone/tablet app used to interact with the POGO Pro and capture data that is sent to POGO Turf Pro Cloud.

As if your smartphone couldn't do enough already...


Take samples with the wirelessly connected POGO and log all data, including the precise GPS location.


View different analyses of your data before you leave the green. After synchronizing your data with POGO Turf Pro cloud, trends reports, turf performance indicator reports, visual insight reports and more are available right within the app. Critical alerts notify you of developing conditions that, if treated now can prevent problems occurring.


Log various specs like ball speed, firmness, slope or custom variables of your choice. Each spec is also recorded with its location.


Access the dashboard for your on-site POGO Weather station. Combine visual insight with current and historical environmental influences to know even more.


Use POGO to map your property, allowing you to visualize sprinklers, valves, catch basins, and other features on a satellite map of your course.


Easily share your collected data with anyone else via email. Set anyone up as a user on your account so they can real-time analysis reports any time someone syncs their collected data.


Synchronize your collected data with POGO Turf Pro Cloud.

Get the analysis you need to take action, while you're still on the green.

Mobile alerts formatted for mobile browsers and containing the key reports that you select, are available right on your smartphone with every upload of new data from the app to Pogo Turf Pro Cloud. Reports like zone trends, visual insight, turf performance reports as well as critical alerts give you insight otherwise only possible using consultants, reports and research.

Analyze your course’s conditions while you are on the course, so you can make the very best decisions fast…and decisively.

Visual Insight Report

Turf Performance Indicator (TPI) Report

Trend Report

Critical Alerts