Our smartest, most refined precision instrument yet. In addition to moisture, EC, salinity index and surface heat index, measures soil temperature at 2″ depth (5 cm) with optional soil probe. Expandable with additional future sensors, and includes an ergonomic extension handle.

  • Part of a system that captures, analyzes, and provides instant feedback about turf conditions, from the Turf’s perspective.
  • On-board precision GPS for analysis specific to YOUR turf with endless mapping capabilities.
  • Syncs with *POGO TurfPro Cloud for analysis and mapping of all data, specific to your property.

Includes ergonomic extension handle (1 segment), 5V USB-C charger and Quick Start Guide. *TurfPro Mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Soil temperature probe is optional.

Active POGO TurfPro subscription needed to use all POGO hardware.