Knowledge is power.

POGO gives powerful scientific insight into property course conditions and trends.

Make better decisions to increase your efficiency and optimize water, fertilizer use and cultural practices.

Present the finest turf conditions possible, with great confidence.

No Other System Gives You this Level of Analysis and Insight

(without even leaving the turf)


POGO System Overview

POGO is a professional, all-in-one system obtaining superior insight into course conditions, allowing better decisions to be made efficiently and cost effectively for presenting the finest conditions possible.

Apply irrigation and fertilization precisely through condition-based management. Reduce chances for turf decline and waste using visual analysis and condition audits. Create GPS mapping, IPM logs, pin sheets, customized reports and much more!

More Data With Every Sample.







Only POGO’s patented sensor accurately measures ALL 4 of the most influential variables governing turf performance and how they impact each other. In addition, the exact location (within 1 metre) of each sample is recorded with the integrated, professional-grade GPS receiver. It’s this location data that allows POGO to show an analysis of the data visually on a map, so you know exactly where you need to focus your efforts and why. Decision-making to apply water, nutrients and cultural practices has never been more precise!

If I move to another golf club, the first thing that I would buy would be another POGO. Or two. Every golf club should have POGO.

John Blanch

General Manager, Thai Country Club

The View of Your Course is Better from the Cloud

Sprinklers & Patterns

Color-coded visualization
of collected POGO Pro data

5 user-defined ranges for
moisture/EC/temperature/salinity index:

  1. Critically low
  2. Low
  3. GOOD
  4. High
  5. Critically high

Property features

Valves, catchbasins,
irrigation lines, electrical wires,
irrigation controllers, etc.


Cup Placement

Current location, historical locations
and planned (future) locations.

POGO Turf Pro Cloud displays data captured with the POGO Pro, automatically analyzed and presented graphically. This includes a visual analysis of the sampled turf data and also the locations and other attributes of other property features that the integrated GPS is so useful for mapping. In short, it lets you see every factor that contributes to turf health.

Better Decisions with Visual Insight.

The interaction of all three parameters measured by the POGO Pro allows for in-depth scientific analysis, but luckily you don’t need to be a scientist to make use of the data. POGO’s Visual Insight does the work for you, presenting trouble spots with a color-coded illustration on a satellite image of your course, and providing a prescription for what to do next.

There have been two significant revolutions in golf course management…Primo® and POGO®.

Jeremy Adkins
Regional Superintendent, OB Sports Golf Management, Angel Park Golf Club