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Case Studies

Precision and Perfection in Thailand

This case study profiles Thai Country Club and how POGO helps maintain consistently perfect greens while reducing irrigation to hand-watering only, saving 20% on utility costs.

PART 1: Targeting Just the Stress Spots

PART 2: Peace of Mind with Consistently Perfect Conditions

Water and Salinity Challenges in a Desert Climate (Las Vegas)

Learn how Jeremy Adkins at Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas conquered his water and salinity challenges in under a year by implementing POGO.

Golf Course Industry Tech Show Series

POGO VP of Business Development Carmen Magro provides some in-depth insight into the POGO system for Pat Jones, on location at the Cordillera Ranch Golf Club in Texas.

Part 1: Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro discuss in depth POGO and how superintendents are using the technology as a management and labor-saving tool.

Part 2: In this second installment, Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro discuss how to use POGO technology out-of-box, and how the system collects data.

Part 3: In this episode, Pat Jones and Carmen Magro discuss the metrics superintendents use POGO to monitor and how this data guides agronomic programs.

Part 4: Pat Jones and agronomist Carmen Magro visualize the POGO system data and discuss what the depiction says about golf course agronomic trends.

Part 5: In the final installment, Pat Jones and  Carmen Magro discuss perceptions and dispel misconceptions about POGO, as well as the system’s ROI.


Golfdom: Getting the inside scoop on POGO at GIS 2018

Golfdom: Carmen Magro highlights Pogo turf monitoring system at GIS 2017

Product Overview Series

TurfPro Cloud overview

POGO Parte 1: POGO Pro y la aplicación POGO Turf Pro

POGO Parte 2: POGO Turf Pro en la nube

POGO Parte 3: Alertas móviles

POGO Parte 4: Mapeo con POGO

Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Optimizing Turfgrass Performance Using the POGO System. This is a recording of a webinar given by Carmen Magro of Stevens Water, and published by Golf Course Industry on June 14, 2016.