TurfPro Boost

Looking for a loaner POGO to cover you during a repair? Better warranty options? How about overnight shipping?

We have you covered with TurfPro Boost! TurfPro Boost provides the same cloud-based system as TurfPro Cloud, but also includes several additional benefits:

  • Free POGO Loaner with overnight shipping*
  • One FREE POGO non-warranty repair per year
  • 50% off replacement HydraProbes for POGO Pro or POGO Pro+
  • 50% off all accessories
  • 25% off additional POGO Pro+ purchases
  • 20% off POGO Weather Stations
  • Overnight shipping* with online orders from the POGO shop

We know how important peace of mind is for the equipment you use. Eliminating downtime and reducing the cost of repair is our goal with TurfPro Boost. On top of that, it comes with some amazing discounts for additional POGO equipment. Just in case you find yourself needing more POGOs.

Here are some real-world scenarios that illustrate the value of TurfPro Boost. These were created with data from real POGO customers.

1: Upgrading old equipment - saved

Customer has an old POGO from 2014, and a newer POGO Pro (with WiFi). They wanted to get both upgraded to use Bluetooth so they could take advantage of the new TurfPro Mobile app. They also wanted to upgrade both POGOs with an ergonomic extension handle.

TurfPro Cloud TurfPro Boost
Purchase replacement POGO Pro $2,695 $2,021 (25% discount)
Purchase Bluetooth Conversion Kit $249 $124.50 (50% discount)
Purchase Ergonomic Extension Handle Kit for 2 POGO Pros $338 $169
TOTAL COST: $3,282 $2,314

All prices in US dollars.

* Next business day, USA only