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Why choose Total Insight?

Total Insight gives facilities that are located in the USA immediate insight and knowledge to improve turf conditions and player satisfaction. Total Insight will give confidence to those you answer to IMMEDIATELY, right out of the box! Value from having the complete POGO TurfPro system will be realized with scientific insight from lab analytics, automatic analysis of your turf data, and tangible savings to your entire operation, ALL FOR ONE LOW MONTHLY COST.

What is included?

POGO TurfPro Cloud automatically analyzes your data and presents it visually with every upload from your TurfPro Mobile app. You’ll be able to see real-time variations of moisture, salinity, temperature, ball speed, firmness and more across every zone of your course(s) or fields, and you’ll understand the effects of their interaction.

POGO TurfPro Mobile turns your iOS or Android device into an automated system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the wirelessly-connected POGO.

The POGO Pro provides instant feedback on critical parameters such as soil moisture, salinity, temperature, and other key parameters you rely upon.

Lab testing performed by a US based USDA certified agronomy science lab and the results will be automatically uploaded into your TurfPro account providing you with the best insight as quickly as possible.

Lab testing performed by a US based USDA certified agronomy science lab. Results from the Irrigation analysis will be automatically uploaded into your TurfPro account giving you the ability to make the best, and most timely irrigation and nutrient management decisions from your POGO data.

Easily and safely mount your POGO to your cart so that it’s there when you need it.

How can Total Insight help you
exceed player expectations?

Only target water where your turf needs it with visual guidance from POGO TurfPro Mobile.

Improve water demand efficiency, pumping energy and labor resources while simultaneously maximizing turf health.

Total Insight provides real-time solutions to further your grasp of dialing in any Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management program to a level otherwise not possible.

Reduce labor and time locating assets for repair and maintenance by using our professional grade GPS feature on the POGO and the industry leading asset mapping capabilities of POGO TurfPro—create your own living “as-builts” that are optimized for what your property needs.

POGO TurfPro Cloud and POGO TurfPro Mobile allow for optimal turf health and to meet playing demands, eliminating the need for expensive “single-task” pin placement software tools.

In minutes, not hours, eliminate the need for expensive Irrigation Distribution Uniformity audits and consulting fees by using the built-in TurfPro Automatic Distribution Uniformity analysis.

We have the right plan for you!


9 holes or 1-2 fields
$ 389 Monthly
  • POGO TurfPro Cloud
  • POGO Pro x 1
  • Soil Analysis Kit x 3
  • Water Analysis Kit x 1


18-27 holes or 3-5 fields
$ 489 Monthly
  • POGO TurfPro Cloud
  • POGO Pro x 2
  • Soil Analysis Kit x 6
  • Water Analysis Kit x 1
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36+ holes or 6+ fields
$ 589 Monthly
  • POGO TurfPro Cloud
  • POGO Pro x 3
  • Soil Analysis Kit x 9
  • Water Analysis Kit x 1

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