Category: Measurement Process

What is the relationship between EC and water %?

In many cases, as moisture goes up, salts in solution go up and therefore EC goes up. But this is not always the case and EC-to-moisture ratios change from many affecting variables in turf dynamics.

How does the POGO take its measurements?

Using a precisely-tuned and unique process focusing on dielectric permittivity of moisture and EC, making it the only commercially-available research-grade sensor requiring no calibration across turf/soil types. Surface temperature is measured using a thermistor in the plate that rests on the turf (POGO Pro) or via an infrared sensor (POGO Pro+). Soil temperature is measured …

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How does the sensor in the POGO differ from other sensors?

Using the patented and unique Stevens HydraProbe sensor and its coaxial impedance dielectric reflectometry protocol, the POGO measures WFV and EC to an accuracy of ±1% without any calibration in any soil. Visit to learn more about various measurement methods.

How accurate is the GPS?

Smartphone GPS receivers are rated at 4.6 m (16 ft) accuracy. However, the integrated GPS in the POGO Pro+ and POGO Pro has sub-meter accuracy when receiving signals from 9 or more GPS satellites.