Who is it for and what makes it unique?

The POGO Platform is for Golf Course Superintendents, Greenkeepers and Turf Mangers as well as Sports facility managers, landscape managers, nursery and research facilities, municipal community landscape facilities and any application where management of the land and/or irrigation is in place. For golf course superintendents, sports field managers, landscape, nursery and research facility managers who …

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How does it work?

The POGO Pro+ and POGO Mapper contains a GPS receiver, a bluetooth transmitter, and a patented multi-parameter soil sensor (Pro+ only). It connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet which runs the powerful TurfPro Mobile app. The app is used to initiate the recording of soil sample data (user places the POGO in the turf, …

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What is POGO?

POGO is system for obtaining superior insight into turf conditions, allowing better decisions to be made more efficiently and cost effectively, and ultimately resulting in healthier turf. The POGO system is made up of the POGO hardware, the powerful TurfPro Mobile smartphone/tablet app, and the TurfPro Cloud analytics system. The TurfPro cloud system is a …

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