What is POGO?

POGO is system for obtaining superior insight into turf conditions, allowing better decisions to be made more efficiently and cost effectively, and ultimately resulting in healthier turf. The POGO system is made up of the POGO hardware, the powerful TurfPro Mobile smartphone/tablet app, and the TurfPro Cloud analytics system. The TurfPro cloud system is a requirement for use of any POGO equipment as it drives all analytics, logging functions, visual analysis, GPS capabilities and mapping functions of the platform.

Without compromise, POGO measures the most influential variables on turfgrass performance precisely allowing you to see exactly what your turf sees while delivering analysis in a visual insight method for easy determination of irrigation, nutrient management, salinity management, cultural practice timing and other important actions dedicated to presenting the finest conditions possible with reduced dependency on chemicals and erroneous use of water, fertilizers or labor efforts.

There is metering, and then there is POGO’ing. There is a very big difference. POGO is a system that captures every important variable that goes into every day decision-making. These variables happen to be at the heart of the agronomy focus of the turf system, but many other features we offer are at the heart of course conditioning and operational management. Understanding that this insight is priceless to superintendents, turf managers and greenkeepers alike anywhere in the world, POGO does not compromise your insight into your turf or landscape.