How does it work?

The POGO Pro+ and POGO Mapper contains a GPS receiver, a bluetooth transmitter, and a patented multi-parameter soil sensor (Pro+ only). It connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet which runs the powerful TurfPro Mobile app. The app is used to initiate the recording of soil sample data (user places the POGO in the turf, taps a button in the app to record the data, moves to next location). Further, the app is utilized to log specs, or performance variables such as ball speed, firmness, shear strength, clipping yield and more. The app logs data measurements while displaying real-time analytics and assessments of turf/soil moisture, conductivity, temperature and much more. Data is synchronized with the cloud-based TurfPro Cloud application (through the device’s internet connection) which offers in-depth turf and property insight and analysis.

The POGO Mapper is used primarily for logging specs, setting up pin sheets for play on golf courses, and for mapping just about anything.

The POGO Logger is used for connecting a slew of other sensors including in ground sensors, water level and quality sensors, our full scale meteorological POGO Weather station and more for seamless analysis on your TurfPro account

The POGO Weather station has opened up doors to understanding true stress and degree day analysis of variables important to each and every turf manager. For instance, understanding the accumulated stress or degree days since the spray for growth regulation or a pest is a simple task with POGO Weather installed on the property. Now, not ever before possible, understand the conditions of your turf and influences on its performance with the combination of POGO turf measurements and POGO Weather ambient influences. Nothing compares to this value to  your operation.