Does the POGO need to know what soil type my turf is growing in?

No. The POGO requires no calibration across turf/soil types and remains scientifically accurate and precise across measurements. This was determined from extensive research of POGO’s technology, and research and understanding of turfgrass systems, indicating that no matter what the soil or turf type, no matter what depth of roots exist and no matter if it is a cool season or warm season grass, the significant portion of moisture and nutrient (salinity) exchange occurs in the upper 6 cm (2.36 inches). Further, POGO’s sensor technology, unlike other meters or sensors, is not impacted by the dynamic changes in turf systems such as soil type and variability, electrical conductivity, compaction, organic matter variances and any of the many physical and chemical dynamics that occur daily and throughout the day in turfgrass systems. POGO specifically measures what the turf is seeing so you can make your very best, properly informed decisions.