Do I need to use the cloud application to access the data?

Yes. TurfPro cloud is a requirement to use POGO equipment as it powers the logging, analysis, visual insight analysis, GPS functionality and mapping functions of the POGO system. Realizing that trend analysis is far more insightful and important for making best decisions than one set of data or a set of numbers, this requirement is enjoyed by thousands of users worldwide who have witnessed and continue to see unparalleled value from the POGO system.

One TurfPro cloud account is needed per property, and any number of POGO Pro+ or POGO Mapper equipment can be used on site with the one license. Also, any number of users from the facility can utilize the system under one license.

While POGO Weather and POGO Loggers work under the same TurfPro cloud account, those devices have separate cellular connectivity to TurfPro. Therefore, there is a small annual cellular fee for these devices. No addition subscription however is needed in addition to the primary TurfPro license.